From our first meeting discussing your project, to its final testing and delivery of your machine, we are committed to providing you with the highest customer support and best quality product.

Matt Gacksetter

Larkin Industries

“Larkin Industries is a print finishing company. A product comes to us pre-printed, we would die cut it, foil stamp it, fold it, glue it, and put it out as a finished piece. Over the last nine years we’ve had to increase our Multifeeder equipment from having two machines to having 13 machines. The speed and the functionality of the Multifeeder machines are amazing, and the accuracy too. In 2007 we were +/- 2mm, now we’re +/- .5mm running at 20,000/hour. Now we have such a good relationship with Multifeeder that they actually give us their prototypes to real-world test them. I let them bring customers through from all over the world and let them see projects running at speeds that become reality not just a salesman’s pitch. Just the multiple products that Multifeeder can apply brings us work, they actually have played a large part in saving our company. Multifeeder equipment to me is just miles above the other stuff that’s out there.”

Pat Goche


“We build conveyors for automating food packaging and our focus is really on stacking and transferring that product. The other thing we do is stack pizza crusts, and that’s where Multifeeder comes in. They can handle products anywhere from anywhere, from a 6” crust all the way up to a 16” crust, and that kind of flexibility goes well with what our customers produce. They’ve spent the time to understand what we do, they’ve visited our customers, so they’ve got a real good knowledge of what we need. As soon as we have our equipment ready, they actually come out and they’ll work with us here, and the beauty of that is that when we go out and they actually put it into the end user’s plant things just go that much smoother. It’s a beautiful thing, you know, because we don’t always have that.”