Tax Stamp Labeling

High-Performance Labeler Systems for Tax Stamp Labeling

Our Tax Stamp Labeling System ensures a safe and secure application on any container. Common types of tax stamps, which are also called excise stamps, that can utilize this system include tobacco tax stamps, drug tax stamps, and cannabis tax stamps. These stamps are created using security papers and embedded codes or serial numbers. Modern stamps can also feature holograms, security inks, and more.

Multifeeder’s automated system will keep your production floor consistent, efficient, and secure. You can feel confident that you have a high-quality performance tax stamp labeling system that properly applies stamps to the top of your containers or bottles.

Would you like to see what our Tax Stamp Labeling System can do for your production line? Click here or on the buttons under the image. Send us a sample of your product and we’ll create a custom demo video of it being fed through our system.

Our Solutions

Tax Stamp label, fold reject system_ final
Tax Stamp Labeling System

Multifeeder’s Tax Stamp Labeling System features three main components: the MFT Impresso Labeler, Camera Verification System, and Product Rejection (for products that don’t meet your standard specifications.) This system includes a guarded perimeter to ensure the safety of production personnel.