Printing & Packaging Industry

The Printing & Packaging Industry has primarily shifted to digital printing. The need for “updated automation” is necessary to be more efficient and cost effective. Similar to other industries, investing in new equipment now is necessary to avoid high costs of outdated systems. Multifeeder’s friction feeding machines are the gold standard for industrial, printing and packaging challenges. Our machines are working 24/7 in all parts of the globe for many different types of industrial production lines. Multifeeder has the solution to increase production with automation.

“ Multifeeder’s friction feeding machines are the gold standard for industrial, print and packaging”. – Industry Consultant

Featured Product:
350ip3 Friction Feeder

The industrial performance series, ip3, is the top choice for nearly any application. The 350 ip3 Friction Feeder is designed with high quality parts which allows for constant, reliable production and the ability to take on demanding applications. This system can be standalone or easily integrated into a production system. It is often the perfect solution for a printing & packaging production line.


Typical Applications:

● Pharmaceutical Inserts
● Blister Packs
● Compact Discs
● Coupons
● Booklets
● Stickers
● Z-Folds
● Labels
● Inserts
● Credit Cards
● And many more…