Easy Integration Increases
Throughput, Large Work Area
for Multiple Components

Multifeeder’s High Speed Collator is designed for easy integration with our friction feeders and labelers. The linear mounting bars provide quick mounting of optional components such as barcode scanners and vision systems. The HSC collator is available in 4 different sizes depending on your needs. Integrate with wrappers, cartoners, banders, padders, and baggers to expand your packaging capabilities. The HSC expandable collator can be expanded to accommodate any number of friction feeders and Automatic Drop Tables. With encoder feedback, the HSC can follow the speed of the base machine. Feeders can be straddle mounted or mounted to feed from the side. An inspection station can be used to verify that the correct product is being processed. Products automatically transfer onto a belted takeaway or the lugs can be spaced and timed to match the base machine. A flipper device can change the product orientation from horizontal to vertical.

Typical HSC Applications

  • Fulfillment
  • Product batching
  • And many more…