Mailing free sample packets is a popular way to advertise your product to customers which allows them to touch, feel, experience, and evaluate your product before deciding to make a purchase. There are a variety of different types of sample packets, with the overarching industry term being “Heat Seal Sample Packets”. These items can exist in the form of packets, pouches, sachets, stick packs, or flat foil pouches that can contain liquids, lotions, creams, food, cosmetics, gels, nutraceuticals, supplements, medication and much more. The substrate material of the sample packets come in foil, Mylar, and plastic, and they are flexible to different degrees depending upon the substance inside. Food packets are FDA food-safe compliant and designed for a long shelf life. Heat Seal Sample packets are heat sealed for protection and security, and in the case of medical packets, they provide a sterile container. Heat Seal Sample Packets are designed similarly to the manufacturer’s original consumer packaging, using several printing and finishing methods to support the manufacturer’s branding. Some of the industry markets that use Heat Seal Sample Packets are the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, retail, medical, and food industries.

All of Multifeeder’s high performance friction feeding machines are equipped to handle the many different varieties of sample packets. Add our Multifeeder APL conveyor to your workflow for a continuous automated production line system.

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