Accutipping Provides High
Accuracy Placement
with Gluing System

Multifeeder Technology manufactures high performance folder/gluer tipping systems. These systems use a friction feeder to feed products onto a vacuum conveyor at a set distance apart using our AccuTipping software. Next, the system begins folding the fed product while a second tipping feeder running AccuTipping attaches another item to the first product with an adhesive. After receiving the tipped product, the system will finish the original fold. Lastly, these systems typically utilize a reject-on-error system to verify that all products exiting the system are good.

Multifeeder’s superior computer-controlled servo motor technology facilitates our trademarked AccuTipping software, allowing placement of the products at high speeds with tight accuracy. A wide variety of shapes, thickness, materials, and sizes can be fed automatically.

Our friction feeders mount and integrate easily on a bobst or any other folder gluer.