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Global Partners

Rarely is there a setup that does not involve multiple manufacturers and teamwork. In order to support integration efforts, Multifeeder Technology. maintains worldwide relationships with others in the packaging, printing and mailing industries. On behalf of our customers, we feel that it is our responsibility to monitor industry trends and, through innovation and communication, contribute to industry organizations. To these ends, Multifeeder Technology is a proud member of the PMMI, fosters relationships with other system integrators and OEMs and makes equipment available through partners and distributors worldwide.

Representatives and Value Added Resellers

Multifeeder Technology maintains relationships with other system integrators, machinery manufacturers, OEM’s and distributors worldwide. If you are a system integrator and are interested in using Multifeeder Technology products in your systems, please call the Multifeeder Sales Department at (651) 407-3100 or send an email  OEM Information. Those involved with our OEM or Distributor programs receive considerable discounts and access to priority technical support and service.