Bucket Labeling Solutions

Application Solutions for Bucket Labels

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Many industries rely on buckets to store and transport their materials and products. No matter which type of business you run, it’s important that your bucket labeling system is reliable, quick, and precise.

The best way to ensure your products are labeled correctly is with an adaptable system. Multifeeder machines are modular in design and can be integrated with a variety of accessories for different applications. Multifeeder’s machines can be easily adjusted to your exact container’s size, hold it precisely in place as a label is adhered. The bucket labeler is a fast system that can accommodate a variety of different label types, such as wrap-around labels or flat side labels for rectangular buckets.

Depending on your current facility, our Bucket labeling system can be a standalone system or integrated into a larger production line. Multifeeder’s engineering capabilities are strong and we pride ourselves on the ability to engineer an automation solution designed for your production needs.

Adaptable Labelers and Application Systems

bucket labeler system

Impresso Bucket Label Applicator


102hsm Labeler


103hsm+ Labeler

MFT 150PA Labeler

Impresso Applicator and Conveyor Overview

Multifeeder’s systems offer high performance, reliable production, and cost effective solutions.

    1. Customizable computer controls with separate enclosed on-board panel. The all-in-one self-contained electronics software platform is flexible to run many different types of applications.
    2. Brushless Servo Motor for long life. The Impresso Labeler and the Bucket Drive Roller utilize a brushless servo motor for accurate placement and precise control. 1000 watt motors are available for the most demanding applications. Motor upgrades are available depending on the application.
    3. Transports buckets while precisely applying labels. The Bucket Drive Roller next to the peel plate rotates the bucket as the label applicator applies the label. A centering assembly opposite the Bucket Drive Roller extends towards the bucket and holds it in place as labels are adhered.

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