Value-Added Components

Multifeeder has many accessories for you to choose from to complete or add to your production line. Contact our technical staff for complete information.
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Vacuum Belts

At times, the traction provided by standard feed belts isn’t enough; that’s when we turn to our vacuum track feed belts. They provide the best possible grip any time traction loss is an issue, whether it be from rapid acceleration, or lightweight, flexible product that doesn’t naturally lay flat against the belts.

Pneumatic Stack Shaker

A pneumatic stack shaker makes use of compressed air to agitate product and encourage flow through the infeed of the machine. If there is a great deal of friction between individual products, or in certain high speed applications, a stack shaker can be the difference between reliable friction feeding and excessive downtime.

Static Bar

Depending on what type of material is being handled, friction associated with the feeding process can impart static onto products as they are separated and dispensed. When this is the case, a static reduction bar can be added to dissipate accumulated static as product(s) travel beneath the bar, typically just as they exit our machine.

Index Support Curve

The index support curve is an updated support curve option that was designed with ease of use and repeatability in mind. Laser engraved scales have been added to use as a visual reference for each point of adjustment. This allows the user to record recipes for their selection of products, and quickly changeover to the correct setup without repeating the fine tuning process each time a changeover occurs.