by Shane Shane

General Information:

The accuracy of a web-tipping application will no longer be measured in fractions of an inch, but in fractions of a millimeter. The 1300DHSL  is built with the same durable technology as our high performance friction feeders. Combining proven software with a powerful, robust 750 watt servo-motor, and using a zerØ backlash spider coupling, the 1300DHSL effortlessly applies tip-on product to a web at production speeds while providing years of reliable operation. This system can easily be integrated into an existing production line or as part of a complete solution using one of our versatile accessories such as the Vacuum Track Conveyor or Automatic Product Loader.

  • ZerØ Backlash Spider Coupler
  • Precise Ball Screw Actuators
  • Siko® Adjustment Dials
  • SKF® Sealed Bearings
  • Robust 800 Watt Servo-Motor
  • Leading Edge Registration*



  • Typical Height – 1337mm (52.6”)
  • Typical Length – 1573mm (61.9”)
  • Typical Width – 877mm (34.5”)
  • Maximum Belt Speed – 40 Meters per Minute*
  • Power Requirements – 110/220V 50-60Hz 6A
  • Operating Temperture – 10°-35°C (50°-95°F)


  • Minimum Size – 38mm (W) x 25mm (L)
  • Maximum Size* – 300mm (W) x 325mm (L)
  • Minimum Thickness – .05mm
  • Maximum Thickness – 25mm

*All Multifeeder Technology equipment can be designed to meet specific production requirements

  • Automatic Product Loader
  • Vacuum Track Conveyor
  • Labeling System
  • Print-On-Demand System
  • Product Verification System
  • Product Reject System
  • 3-Color Warning Light