by Shane Shane

General Information:

Adding to the versatility and capability of its friction feeder line, Multifeeder created the 350ip Washdown Friction Feeder for food-grade processes. This series consists of our high performing Industrial Performance friction feeders made of Type 304 Series Stainless Steel, the material of choice for food-grade applications. Made with food-grade belts and grease, this series of friction feeders are compatible with FDA standards.

  • Minimum product size: 25mm(W) x 38mm(L)
  • Maximum product width: 300mm(W)
  • Minimum product thickness: 0.05mm
  • Maximum product thickness: 25mm
  • Maximum belt speed: 200,000 mm/min [656 feet/min]
  • Operating temperature: 10-35 Degrees C [50-95 Degrees F]
  • Power requirements: 110 (230) volts 50-60 HZ max 6 amps
  • Product magazine: 750mm
  • Feeder discharge: Four standard lengths

Stainless Steal Parts – Type 304 Series Stainless Steal, the material of choice for wash-down/food-grade applications, is used throughout in all of our wash-down solutions.
Food Grade Components – FDA approved configurations are available to meet your specific compliance requirements.
Sealed Servo-Motor – A robust 800 Watt sealed servo-motor effortlessly feeds your product in the most demanding production applications.
Higher Product Throughput – Faster linear speed equals more products per minute operation.
MFT Craftsmanship – Quality and innovation go into every piece of equipment we make for you.