by Shane Shane

General Information:

Multifeeder created the 350ip3 Washdown Friction Feeder for food-grade processes. Adding to the versatility and capability of its friction feeder line,  this series consists of our high performing Industrial Performance (ip3) friction feeders made of Type 304 Series Stainless Steel, the material of choice for food-grade applications. Designed for food-grade belts and grease, this series of friction feeders are compatible with FDA standards.

Our ip3 Washdown friction feeders are powered by an 750 watt (one horsepower) brushless servo motor which is one of the best in the industry. This makes our feeders robust for the most demanding applications, with the reliability to provide years of uninterrupted service.

Typical Applications:
Washdown Feeder

  • Insertion into a catch-tray, box or conveyor
  • Deliver a product to a secondary application
  • Batching, high speed tipping or affixing, collating systems and barcode/vision systems
  • Minimum product size: 25mm(W) x 38mm(L)
  • Maximum product width: 300mm(W)
  • Minimum product thickness: 0.05mm
  • Maximum product thickness: 25mm
  • Maximum belt speed: 200,000 mm/min [656 feet/min]
  • Operating temperature: 10-35 Degrees C [50-95 Degrees F]
  • Power requirements: 110 (230) volts 50-60 HZ max 6 amps
  • Product magazine: 750mm
  • Feeder discharge: Four standard lengths

Stainless Steal Parts – Type 304 Series Stainless Steal, the material of choice for wash-down/food-grade applications, is used throughout in all of our wash-down solutions.
Food Grade Components – FDA approved configurations are available to meet your specific compliance requirements.
Sealed Servo-Motor – A robust 800 Watt sealed servo-motor effortlessly feeds your product in the most demanding production applications.
Higher Product Throughput – Faster linear speed equals more products per minute operation.
MFT Craftsmanship – Quality and innovation go into every piece of equipment we make for you.