High Performance
Servo-Driven Labeler with Vacuum Takeaway

When the demands of your high-performance label application require more features than are offered by any other label applicators available, it’s time to move up to the MFT 102hsm. Similar to the MFT 103hsm in almost every capability, the MFT 102hsm distinguishes itself with a Vacuum-Powered Takeaway system. The MFT 102hsm label machine offers the speed and accuracy required in today’s production environment.

MFT 102hsm Typical Applications

  • Credit card labeling
  • Carton Packaging labeling
  • Barcoding applications
  • UPC over labeling
  • Food Product labeling
  • Bottle Labeling
  • Game Piece Labels
  • Security Labels
  • And many more…
  • Maximum media width: 101.6mm [4″]
  • Minimum media width: 12.7mm [0.5″]
  • Minimum media length: 15.24mm [0.4″]
  • Maximum media roll size: 16″ O.D., 3″ I.D.*
  • Maximum dispense speed: up to 150 meters/min
  • Maximum throughput rate: 300 Prod/min**
  • Peel Tip Placement accuracy: up to +/- 0.5mm

*or optional 20″ O.D., 3″ I.D.

**or optional up to 2000 Prod/min

  • Standard performance package – up to 300 PPM
  • Designed to fit where needed
  • 800 watt (1 horsepower) brushless servo motor
  • 16 inch media unwind
  • Easy to learn open thread pattern and operation
  • Ready inputs and outputs for system integration
  • On the fly placement adjustment
  • High performance package – up to 500 PPM
  • T-Base style stand with low toe feature
  • Straddle style stand
  • Remote mountable three color alert light
  • 6 inch wide media width
  • Encoder speed compensation
  • Encoder timing compensation for accurate placement