Total System Solutions

With modular design our machines easily
integrate into larger configurations.


Equals increased efficiency, throughput,
cost savings & improved safety.

Engineering-Oriented &
Customer Driven company

Dedicated and talented engineers
building world-class machines.

Delivering High
Performance Solutions

Automation is the key investment
to increased ROI.

Providing the best value with
the best quality product

We work with you through every stage, final testing
delivery, training, and aftermarket support.

State-of-the-Art Technology
with robust mechanics

Computer controlled software
with powerful servo motors.


Multifeeder, a global leader in the design and manufacture of Friction Feeders, Labelers, and Integrated Systems for the Pharmaceutical, Food, and Print & Packaging industries.


Multifeeder Technology® is a global leader in automated solutions that carries a wide variety of production machinery. We design and manufacture high-performance friction feeders, labelers, and integrated systems for the Pharmaceutical, Food, and Printing & Packaging industries. Our industrial automation systems and products provide superior performance through advanced technology, continual research and development, design engineering and advanced testing. Adherence to these design principals has resulted in high performance automated systems that are used in the most demanding applications. We deliver automated solutions by providing computer-controlled feeding, an easy-to-use interface, and multiple product detection. Multifeeder Technology® continues to challenge industry standards to provide customers with the highest quality product for a total system solution.


What People Are Saying About Multifeeder

“Just the multiple products that Multifeeder can apply brings us work, they actually have played a large part in saving our company. Multifeeder equipment to me is just miles above the other stuff that’s out there.”

“They’ve spent the time to understand what we do, they’ve visited our customers, so they’ve got a real good knowledge of what we need.”

“Automation provides increased efficiency, throughput, cost savings and improved safety.


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