Friction Feeders

The friction feeder is Multifeeder Technology's flagship product. Integrated into system solutions by Multifeeder or purchased as off-the-shelf components, Multifeeder Technology friction feeders use only high-quality parts and are designed for 24-hour operation. All of our friction feeders are powered by an 800 watt (one horsepower) brushless servo motor which is the largest in the industry. This makes our feeders strong enough for the most demanding application, with the reliability to provide years of uninterrupted service. Signature Series: These cost effective feeders exemplify durability and ease of use. Two different discharge lengths are available including ED and XED. Industrial Performance Series:The top tier choice for almost any application, this series offers premium performance and customization offered in a friction feeder. Four different discharge lengths are available including our flexible discharge. High Continuous Performance Series: The highest level of precision and accuracy offered in a friction feeder. Top linear speeds and tighter placement equate the greatest amount of products-per-minute throughput. Washdown Series: This series consists of our high performing Industrial Performance friction feeders made of Type 304 Series Stainless Steel, the material of choice for food-grade applications. Made with food-grade belts and grease, this series of friction feeders are compatible with FDA standards.

  • Hygienic Washdown Feeder 300
  • MFT 750ip Friction Feeder
  • MFT 350ip Washdown Friction Feeder
  • MFT 250ip Friction Feeder
  • MFT 350ip Friction Feeder
  • MFT 550ip Friction Feeder
  • MFT 250v Friction Feeder
  • MFT 350v Friction Feeder
  • MFT 550v Friction Feeder
  • HCP Friction Feeders
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