• Multifeeder Technology Friction Feeder and Discharge Suite
  • Multifeeder Labeler
  • Multifeeder Open Frame with Automatic Product Loader
  • Multifeeder Stapler System
  • Multifeeder 250ip VacTrac Discharge
  • Multifeeder Print and Apply on Driven Discharge
  • Multifeeder Labeler
  • Multifeeder Precision Web Tipping
  • Multifeeder Technology designs and manufactures high performance equipment for the packaging, printing, pharmaceutical, card and food industries. With full engineering services and years of experience, Multifeeder Technology has both turnkey and custom solutions to suit any application.

About Multifeeder

Multifeeder Technology® was founded to design and manufacture the best friction feeders and accessories, using the latest design techniques with state-of-the-art components and materials. Multifeeder Technology® provides superior performance through advanced technology, continual research, development, design engineering and advanced testing. Strict adherence to these principals has resulted in these high performance friction feeding products. We are the only company that provides the customer with complete computer-controlled feeding, an easy-to-use interface and multiple product detection that works even with clear sheets. Multifeeder Technology® will continue to challenge the industry to keep up with our technological improvements.

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